The car glass windows are totally unique and very much strong as compared to the glass of your house window. When the glass used in the window of the house breaks it just shatters into multiple small pieces and can be very dangerous as they can be potentially lethal. The safety glass used in glass is extremely safe when it breaks as it does not shatter much and is quite harmless. Auto glass are generally tempered or laminated. Tempered is mostly preferred as they are considered to be very safe and harmless. The windshield is mostly built of laminated glass. The glass used for front, rear door windows and the rear window are made of the tempered glass.

Laminated glass:

The history of laminated glass dates back to 1920s.  This started with just two sheets of glass. The laminated glass is mainly used in the windshield. The two sheets of glass were taken and stuck together using a sheet of polyvinyl butyral in between them. This sandwich was sealed by using high heat. This gave birth to the laminated glass or the tempered glass which is used widely for safety purpose. As all the glasses, laminated glass does break. But it does not just fly out as pieces when there is an accident. It is designed in a very special way to withstand the heavy impact that is caused during collision without shattering. Thus, this glass is considered safe and is widely used as the windshield. The chance of injury with laminated glass is very remote. Even if the car occupant is thrown away the laminated glass provides the best cushioning effect.

Though laminated or tempered glass is widely used in automobile industry with safety of the occupants in mind, it is used for many other purposes where the glass has to withstand high impact. Therefore in most of the shopping malls, the glass used in shops is laminated glass to resist the impact by a person in contact with it.

Tempered glass:

Laminated glass can protect the occupants in any major collision or accident. But it is not possible to use them widely for all glasses. This is because it does not have the same potential as the laminated glass as in crash or any accident. Therefore, the majority of the car glasses are made of tempered glass and car glass repairs is easy. Tempered glass used in automobile undergoes a tough process to make it safety compliant. It is a single ply but it is treated by annealing process which includes heating to a very high temperature and then cooling it down gradually. Due to this it does not shatter into thousands of sharp pieces but rather just into small pebbles that are not sharp.

Tempered glass is about 5 to 10 times stronger as compared to other varieties of glass. This is due to the manufacturing of the glass. It can also take a very high load and deflects before it undergoes breakage. It undergoes toughening. Any reworking or remodelling if needed should be done before the glass undergoes toughening. Tempered glass is widely used in non automobile industry.  Some examples are dishes used for baking and cooking, mobile screens, sunglasses.  Because of the thickness, toughness and resistant property it can be reworked upon. It can be grilled, drilled and the edges can be sharpened. It is an ideal glass for the auto glass.

When it is time to choose the glass that fits your purpose here are few things you need to consider.  Laminated glass is the best glass to be used for automobile purpose. It provides maximum safety for you and your family as you travel with your dream car. Tempered glass is known to be little costly but is much safer and stronger. Even if it breaks during any collision or accident the damage that is caused due to the impact is much lesser. It is much stronger than any of the ordinary standard glass. Be smart and choose the tempered glass to keep yourself and your family safe and reach your destination safely. Tempered glass is designed to give a longer satisfaction for the money that you spend as compared to any other glass.